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I went out riding around a couple of weeks ago on my 03 polaris predator 500 for a few hours and my chain came undone and jammed into the casing exposing the stator. Now I need a rebuild and not sure which road to take from here. Either buy a used bottom end and piece it all back together. Take it to a local shop or just gamble and buy a used engine from Ebay. What would some of you guys suggest.

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Since you have all the pieces you are ahead of the game. Me, I'd clean it and epoxy it together, however if you're nervous about that, take it to a good welder and get thier opinion. I would be sure there aren't any cracks leading into the case. If there are you'll want to drill a hole or grind it to be sure it stops cracking further.
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Good tig welder!!! Or buy a new half case and swap .
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