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So in my quest to quicken up every aspect of my racing I have been looking at faster re-fuel options. I found this and wondered if you guys have any experience with their products. Second question is will the cap and quick nozzle work on a regular VP can?
LE Nick

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I was going to buy one for my LTR but since the gas tank sits so far under the bars, it wouldn't have worked.  I ended up making a 2 gallon can work with an EZ Pour Hi-Flow spout.  I also put extra vents in the can to make it pour faster.  This way the poor pit person only had to lug around 2 gallons of fuel and I can use it elsewhere if needed.
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Yes the Tuff Jug cap and nozzle work on the regular VP cans, but honestly, it's slower than the hose due to the small vent line.  If you want to fuel significantly faster, you just about need to go dry-break.
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