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Bings outlaw

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Just had my a-arms powder coated and installed new ball joints. Just wondering what u guys are running for toe manual says 0-1/16" toe out. Is this what everyones using Thanks

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On the no bump-steer front end Outlaws (2006-2008) and Predators (2003-2006) I'd think that would be a good target.  Probably getting as close to zero as possible without going to toe in is what they're wanting.  On a conventional front end like my KTM or a Yamaha or whatever, we are usually 1/8"-1/4" of toe-in at ride height.  I'm not certain what is standard on the later Outlaws (2009+), but I'd guess the same.
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Bings outlaw

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I set it closer to 0 as I could.

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My 07 seems to be more stable toed out some. 
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My 07 Preddy pushes less in the mud with toe out. 1/4 " to 1/2" out
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