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I put in the new (used) pulsar coil and everything was going good. I went for a ride yesterday and it died again. I jumped up and down on the pegs and it  stumbled and started for a split second over and over. I let it cool over night and it started right up. I let it idle for 5 min and it died. I checked the spark and got nothing. I let it cool to 140 and had spark again. When it hit 145 it died and I had no spark. I can understand it not having spark after it warms up but why would jumping on the pegs make a difference? I am going to check the pulsar again when I get it back to my house. Is there a source for an aftermarket coil or am I stuck with used off ebay or $80 dealer coil?

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fixed. corroded circuit breaker 

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Good fix. That is a common problem.
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