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I have put together a "fuel pump elimination" kit for all Predator/Outlaw 500's. There are several reasons to eliminate the vacuum operated fuel pump and hoses on the Fugi 500.
1) The stock fuel lines are not certified for Ethanol fuels.
2) The stock fuel delivery system does not allow any visual way to see if there is fuel in       the system.
3) The stock fuel pump is not compatible with other carbs
4) Eliminates weight and clutter
5) Better quality fuel filtering
6) Cleanable/replaceable filter and seals

This kit includes all new top quality components as follows:

(1) "rear" facing 1/4" fuel petcock - allows for as short as possible fuel hoses,much better      than turning the stock one backwards!
(1) 1/4" glass "see-thru" fuel filter - allows for easy fuel monitoring,cleaning etc.. 
(1) 1/4" x 18" fuel line- top quality, high pressure, reinforced, ethanol safe,clear for best        fuel monitoring!
(1) 3/8" rubber vacuum cap - thick,real rubber caps, for capping the old vacuum port on        the top of cyl. 1/4" I.D.
(4) 3/8" "spring" hose clamps- I sourced some nice,thicker, high quality clamps.

The price for PPR members is $40.00+shipping
I will be donating 10% of each one sold, to the support the site !!

PM me for more info,questions, or to purchase.

03' Predator HPD 558,full HMF, Kibblewhite valvetrain,full port/polish,Dyna FS ,Keihin FCR  w/MP twist,Barnett clutch & billet basket,Trail Tech billet dash,billet Torch lights, H&H 1 1/8" bars,TrailTech"Voyager"GPS, Acerbis gaurds, Full Flight +2 "A" arms,HPD +2 anti.vibe stem and dual stabilizers, custom billet tie rods&heims,frt. roller upgrade,Pro Armor case saver,AC Racing nerfs w/IMS ROLL pegs& shifter, Ballistic battery, +3" swinger,Lonestar +4" axle,Tusk Pro heels, full DG skids,Pro Aluminum grab,Blingstar bumper,UM alum.oil tank,custom radiator,Streamline rotors, AMR Graffix, gussett kit,Race Tech triple rate springs,full custom Fox Podiums w/added front res., ITP SS wheels w/ ITP Sand/Dune Stars for sand, ITP Pro Baja, w/ ITP Holeshot HD's for dirt, 03' Predator 500 (daughters) PP pipe, TRXr carb,PD intake,UNI ,no box,Jardine nerfs,Tusk heels,AC bumper,Trail Tech: fat bars,dash,Vapor,Torches, Razrs on black G-Force for dirt,AMS on red Douglas for sand
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