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04 Preddy

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Over the 4th of July weekend I took a trip to Island Park, ID.  Beautiful area, miles and miles of riding.  In fact one day, we rode over to West Yellowstone from Island Park.  It was a great ride, I suggest adding that trip to your bucket list.

At any rate, on to the reason for the post.  Last summer, I was out at Little Sahara, riding in 100+ heat.  After climbing Sand Mtn, I saw that the overheat light turned on, it quickly turned off after I headed back down.  I came home, did some research of how to help the engine run cooler and swapped the coolant over to engine Ice.  I didn't really pay attention before, but it seems like my fan is always on (Not on when engine is cold, sitting overnight or for several hours).  Even cruising around in 60-70 degree weather, and not hard on the throttle, casual riding at a decent pace (25-40) mph the fan is usually on.

Normal?  Abnormal?  


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I would say that is normal. My fan runs a decent amount as well, I think it is just the nature of the beast. It almost never comes on in the winter but get into spring and summer it will run more.
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Mine is always running. Get a temperature sticker from factory effex if you're worried about it

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If mines not on I get worried.
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Kinda side tracking the thread, but I was just up at Island Park/West Yellowstone a couple weeks ago to see Yellowstone Park, and I saw a bunch of atvs riding around there.   I remember thinking "next time Im here I need to trailer the quads out". 
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