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04 Preddy

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Question for you gurus.  Last time I had the Predator out for a rip, I heard a metallic creaking noise periodically, not a consistent thing, nor loud, could barely hear it at idle when rolling, I figured the wheels were loose as I had this happen before.  I tightened them up, and while I was out there, I decided to grease the axle bearings.  To my surprise, it took probably 20-30 pumps before I had grease squiring out one side of the carrier.  The bearings seem tight still, and I don't notice noise anymore, but I am headed on a week long trip to Island Park, ID and am taking it with to explore trails there and hit up St. Anthony.

In your opinion, do you think I'm ok to ride on the bearings?  


2004 Predator- PP Silencer, Pro Design Intake, Trail Tech Fat Bar Clamp, Tusk Chub Handlebars, DynoJet Kit, etc.

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Take your bearings out and check them shouldn't take more than 20minutes to get the bearings out

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Agreed, check out your bearing races and seals.
2005 predator 558 - falicon supercrank w/ knife rod, ss valves, 12.5:1 wiseco, hpd 558, HMF full system, uni, CFM oil tank, pro design tether, suspension work by Monster Performance, HID light kit, ODI Rouge, Kalis Racing riser, Flexx bars, razr/razr2
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