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First time post here on the forums. I recently just got a 2007 predator 500 for a really good deal off craigslist for 2600 dollars. Needed a few things such as new front tires and a new break lever but other then that I had it fully inspected and the Polaris techs says it runs great. It was only driven by a older guy who never rode the hell out of it. I toke it out for a good first rip but ended up hitting the front left lower A-Arm pretty hard on a rock. When putting a straight edge to the A-Arm, it now has a 1/8 inch gap where the other side has less then a 64th. The damage is in the very center of the A-Arm tube on the front side. It doesn't seem pull to one side from what I can tell. How serious of an issue is it to ride with the tubing like this? Also how much would it be to replace if it is needing to be done?

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Do a good check of all the welds on that arm. The tubing
itself will probably hold up but the welds are now stressed
on the pivot tubes, and lower weld, at the ball joint. I've
seen nasty bends where the tubing was ripped open at the
welds. Welds were good but the thin tubing failed on the

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Ive sure ridden quads that had pretty bent up a-arms and it didn't seem to hurt them (but it bugged me to see it).  Like Fuj said, look for cracks in the tubes and welds. 

Now me, personally, I have a-arm guards on my outlaw and my daughter's dvx, because we ride through some pretty rocky stuff and it easier to spend a few bucks and put them on then to replace the a-arms later. 
Also, if you buy the guards (I like the PRM stuff), if they don't have any drain holes, I recommend you get a hole saw and make some in them.  You'll thank me later when you wash the quad and the mud and crap washed right out of those holes...

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