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So I got my Polaris predator mid July tested it out and bought it got it home and started it but it made a loud clanking/ thud/grinding when it starts and something's when it shuts off. Then I pulled the engine out that night and took it to a guy that was saposed to fix it but he just charged me 150$ and all he did was pull the valve cover off so I gave up on having other ppl try to fix it so I red that I needed to readjust the valvesso I re timed it and Checked the Valves they were way to tight intake and exhaust so I got that fixed thinking it will help the noise but it didn't. But it did make it start better and it starts a little better in the cold but it is still cold blooded. But it only makes the sound if it has to keep spinning the engine during starting. But when it is runs like champ with lots of power. It is all put together as of today. PLEASE HELP. I'm open to try anything

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Could be your one way bearing going out . That maybe the noise you here at start and shut off, also check if idle speed is set correct 1800rpm plus minus
50 rpm. Also cold blooded can be caused by the choke , or pilot circuit dirty, wrong pilot.   Have you done a compression check ? A list of modification can help us help you!  Hope this helps 

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distraction nailed it, definitely sounds like the starter clutch for sure.
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