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Currently I am running a K&N Filter with the spark arrestor stock tip off the stock exhaust removed, and replaced with one of those "power tip" that you can buy online (came that way when I bought it).  My question is, will I notice that much of a difference going to an aftermarket slip on?  I've read plenty on the aftermarket running better than a stock exhaust with intake and jetting, but what about a "modified" stock muffler.  I have no idea if mine has been jetted or not, not sure if it needs it for my current set up.  Would adding an aftermarket slip on plus jetting really make that much of a difference?

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If I remember right, there was a bunch of tubes and such inside my stock muffler and I don't think the end cap was probably much of a restriction compared to all that.  I do know the aftermarket mufflers are allot lighter, but honestly Im not sure how much of a power difference a slip on makes on a stock 500. 

Some of the guys here have allot more knowledge about the 500's than me, but I think I'd be trying to fit an FCR 39 it.  My experience with them has been great for throttle response and they'll flow as much air as you'll ever need on your outlaw. 

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The exhaust power tip really is  just to make it louder compared to power gain. Yes there is a gain of about 5hp or more with most good after market slip on exhausts. The FCR39 will be a nice gain also.  Jetting a motor correctly will always give you the best power it can make with the combination of exhaust air filter, carb , exhaust. cams . 
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