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Has anyone run either of these on their outlaw and if so how did you like them? I'm debating on what tires I want to get and came across these two brands and wondered if they were any good. I'm in michigan so its mostly sand and dirt we ride on so the 4 ply would be good.

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Kinda sucks feel like this forum has died [frown] ! I'm also curious about those two brands. I did find a couple YouTube videos on them. Nobody with them on Outlaws though.

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I'd never heard of Mass FX until now.  I had to look them up.  It looks like they are primarily distributed through Ebay and Amazon, so I have no idea what their support is like.  Quad Boss is a Tucker Rocky house brand.  Quad Boss is often available through numerous shops and dealers because of Tucker Rocky's wholesale/distribution chain. 

I have no personal experience with these tires on my Outlaw.  With obscure brands its hard to find enough users to form a comparison.  If it was me, and price was equal, I would lean toward the brand that has the most established network and support. 

2009 Polaris Outlaw IRS

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I have no idea i run razor 2
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