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I recently picked up some side panels from Maier on clearance.  The idea was to replace the white panels with red and going for a clean monochrome look.  Fighting Red is actually a fairly good color match for the Polaris Indy Red.
  WP_20160716_003 - Copy.jpg 
The fit and quality, however, is no where near OEM.

Ragged holes that look like a dremel job.
WP_20160716_005 - Copy.jpg 

Thin, flimsy material that allows the screws to pull through the plastic.  This has happened to most of the screw holes, and they aren't even tightened more than half way.  The others are already stressed and and deformed just from mounting.  I have doubts they would last one ride. 
WP_20160716_007 - Copy.jpg 
Thankfully these were on clearance.  If they were full price, I'd be more bummed.  Obviously, if I decide to keep them, I will have to modify the mounting holes with some form of grommet/washer combo just to keep the plastics from falling off the bike, then figure out how to clean up the dremel cut holes.  But, for now I'll be going back to the stock OEM.

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There mounting screws are no better, I had to use washers ... on both sides to pinch the plastic... glue the one on the back side... color looks good. Sand the edge with a super fine emery board ( snag your wife's for her nails ) then sand the corners with some light abrasive ( like tooth paste ) then polish with your choice of plastic polish ....
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I had the same issue with the Maier panels on my 690. I like OEM stuff for sure.
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I recently bought the clearance Maier plastics as well.  I got the hood, tank cover, and scoops.  I was very displeased with the way the rear side of the scoop met with the rear fender plastics and the seat.  Huge gaps that look nowhere near factory.  The grommets with nuts they come with are a good idea but don't work as intended because most of the plastics are screwed into a threaded hole.  I have had several not work up front during install and then a couple fall out while riding already.
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Maier CF plastics (tank cover, hood, and scoops)
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Sad. I have a set for the 250r, and they are much nicer.
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