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Well lost the clutch on the 2008 525. About 3 hours into my ride last weekend i noticed my clutch lever kept loosing its pull. i had to stop pump the clutch a few times and it would be good to go again for a few minutes. It eventually got to the point were it would no longer hold pressure and had to ride back without a clutch. Sucked. I have noticed oil buildup around the starter, looks like it is coming out of the starter. I have heard there is a oring of some sort on the starter that can leak? The clutch line is right down there too so at first i thought it was clutch fluid but when i take the cap off the clutch lever it is plumb full of mineral oil. So i dont think im losing fluid. what do you guys think?

Thanks for any insight- Nick

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If you are losing the clutch lever feel but not losing fluid, I would suspect that it is either air in the system and you need to bleed it, or the clutch master cylinder needs to be rebuilt or replaced. 

2009 Polaris Outlaw IRS

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and if its leaking around the starter check all connections clean everything and spray it with soapy water and look for bubbles. if its leaking clutch fluid the oil and soap will separate and it will be clear to see to the eye. if its empty and the clutch is pulling in air and pushing it out then you will get bubbles from the soapy water.

you either have 1 of 2 issues your leaking from somewhere and need to fix the line or have a mashed up crush washer that's not sealing or your master cylinder needs to be rebuilt.  they make clutch master cylinder rebuild kits for les than 50$ . Looks like $32.00 from KTM World Part # 1132-0911



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make sure your Clutch master cylinder reservoir is full as well. Cause if its empty its sucking air and causing this as well
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