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Hey guys!

So I've been riding my outlaw 525s for about 2.5 years and I think myself pretty proficient at most riding techniques besides jumping. Currently I can jump about 20-25 ft jumps but I really want to start jumping further. Before I start jumping further I want to ensure that my technique is correct. The biggest issues I have with jumping so far is throttle control and body positioning.

With throttle control I have read many different techniques:

  • Pinning the throttle through the face of the jump
  • Letting off at the lip of the jump
  • Letting off the throttle on the face and then pinning it right before the lip
Im sure that the technique is different depending on the jump but im not getting too technical right now. I just wanna start clearing 35+ ft jumps. As of now I am using the third technique. I let off at the face and then pin/blip is about half way up the face.

As for body positioning it seems pretty straight forward. Keep your body weight in front of the foot pegs. However I have also heard to stay in the attack position with your butt hanging over the rear. Right now I kinda ride neutral. My weight is right over the foot pegs with my butt slightly hanging over the rear. 

Also I am very interested in learning how to seat bounce but it is very intimidating for me as it seems to take a lot of strength as you are working against the natural flow of the bike.

Unfortunately there arent many jumps I can ride at my local MX track (IMI Motorsports) and all the tracks I can ride arent well maintained (they only seem to maintain the "Pro" track, where quads are prohibited) [frown] . The lips are uneven and the tracks are rutted rough, and quite frankly garbage... But I guess you gotta make do with what you got.

Anyways... if there are any other tips/techniques that you know of please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. I mostly ride by myself as I have no friends that like to do fun stuff (living in Colorado it seems like all every one wants to do is smoke weed) [sign0003] . Thanks in advance for any input!!


2008 Outlaw 525s 
JD Jetting (#155, 4th clip Red Needle)
EHS Airbox Cover
Twin Air Filter
Alba ProElite Bumper

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