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Is there any difference in the exhaust system of the 07 IRS vs the 08 IRS?  Will a full exhaust kit from the 07 fit on my 08 Outlaw?  I've done a little bit of online research and the results have been mixed.
LE Nick

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As long as it's for a KTM engine, they will fit all years of IRS machines.
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The only difference between 07 and 08+ KTM powered IRS Outlaws is the exhaust end cap/spark arrestor.  07 has a removable end cap held on with three screws, with the spark arrestor behind it.  08+ does not have a removable end cap.  The spark arrestor is an insert in the exhaust tip held in by a single screw.  Otherwise 07 and 08+ is interchangeable.



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That's exactly right they are all interchangeable any year irs fits
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