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Hi all im gonna be instaling a dbk clutch kit (springs, steel and friction plates ) and some front wheel bearings and was just wondering if anyone of you have any tips and things to look out for while im doing it as im not to shaw other then what my manual says any help would be welcomed

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I would say, pop the front wheel bearing seals out, and grease the bearings. Pack it with a waterproof or marine grade grease. I get mine at Walmart. 

  For the clutch, I would say pay extra attention to detail in the book. Everything has to be perfect or it may not work properly or even damage the parts. Also, tip the quad up on its side and pull the clutch cover without dumping the oil. Just put rags in the areas you would be worried about dropping bolts into, as they can be difficult to recover. Run the clutch for one average ride, then change out that original oil. 
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