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More problems with my Outlaw 525 , it seems like I can't get this oil leak to stop on the engine. I finally located where the leak is and can't get it stopped. The leak is coming from around the neutral indicator on the left side of the engine. I have replaced the O ring and it still leaks, any suggestions? It's not a bad leak but very annoying seeing oil drops everywhere I put it.
This is going to be one helluva machine when I get her finished, just trying to get all the little bugs worked out.
Thanks Jim Cooksey

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You may want to pull it back out and check for any debris (or a piece of the old o ring) that may be in there.  Then look inspect the new or ing for any damage as well as look to see if the switch itself is cracked.  Then if you were real concerned, tilt it up on its side to keep the oil out of it, clean it real good with brake cleaner, then add a little anaerobic sealer around the o ring and reassemble it. 
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