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Basically, Im wondering if this Oil would be good to go on a 07' outlaw 525 irs?
Its 15W-50 Jaso MA-2 API SJ
and the temperature here in Norway are between 16-30 degrees celcius.

Thanks [smile]

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Polaris PS4 is a synthetic 5w50.  I usually run this or Rotella T6 5w40 in my Outlaw. 

I've occasionally run Rotella T 15w40 without issue.  I tend not to go too thick for viscosity in cold weather. 

If the Castrol Power1 is a good quality oil and wet clutch safe, which it appears to be, then I would think you are good to go.

2009 Polaris Outlaw IRS

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Only 100% best option mechanically, is to use the OEM factory recommended oil brand and grade. There are many cheaper options and a few more expensive options. The most expensive oil change you will ever do, is the oil change that you don't do. Make sure it is ATV or Motorcycle rated oil(most important), change it regularly using an hour meter($10 eBay) And then pick an oil weight that matches your engine. Beyond that, pick a brand that makes your thumb feel heavier when on the trail. That's pretty much it. Right weight, right type, right schedule. Brand is icing on the cake.

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All the oil with the same qualifications are almost the same, except for price! I have no believe in that the Oem polaris oil is any better then anything else with the same numbers on it. Just as Yamalube.
I have tried cheap oil in my quads before and oddly enough, tje gearing was improved over some racing oil I used. So I use the oil Im comfortable with [smile] Castrol power1 is very good, and I can get it for cheaper imported from Denmark!
But anyway, the reason I asked was more because of the weight of the oil, 15w-50 is thick oil! But should lubricate reaaaaally well when hot! And it seemed that the 525 engine became hot!
Thanks for chiming in [smile]
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