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im going to buy my first motorcycle this friday, was curious if any of you guys have any expericance with these kinds of bikes. its a fantastic deal and has been completly converted into a cafe racer style bike. i know of the main things to look out for but with this bike being a 1976 i want to be sure on anything specific to look at. i know its old, yes but they seem to be very popular and parts are pretty easy to find. just want some input. i dont like harley type bikes, so i figured a cafe racer type bike would be a good happy medium between a streetbike and bobber. 
2014 season. 2010 FOX/WALSH polaris outlaw fox/WALSH/rath/RAGE/dynamiteATV/trp/SSI/precision

2015 season. 2010 mx/xc collab build in the works. 
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