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Hi riders, I'm in the mid of a seat build and wondering if any nearby can lend a thinking cap to my seat build here i'm near Tarpon Springs Florida.
I have the pan hammmered out of a tractor seat so its getting close but not cumfy atall im dropping back again in spirit here so any input im all ears an can sup pics to yr em good thank you

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Prolly don't need a seat build idea still I'm guessing I made one I like out of thin steal c channel of some kind about 2 feet long or so it was shaped just like this [ then used spray adhesive after primer painting it to stick memory foam I cut to fit as desired ran out of glue to stick on a vinal as finish so I taped it in the mean time then in the bottom of the c channel I cut some kind of composit wood like piece to wedge in and keep the edge of what ever u feel like using to wrap the foam it worked good for me and was comfortable
$500 special told me missing parts it didn't run.178000 mi 2001 Ford F-150, long box, single cab, 5 speed, 4x4, posy track rear, has a 2002 4.2L v6, "junkyard motor" ?hours. Not lifted,has all black trim and black stock rims, no dents, Oxidized tan body. I Fix it new air and oil filter, oil pan gasket, rear main seal, clutch kit and slave, wired in spare solenoid pack, a new used TPS, unclogged 1 injector, gutted cat converters. That cleared codes, check engine light went off. Yellin Look out I'm legal! Total spent $800.00 now in need or tires!
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