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2007 Outlaw 525 IRS.


Are the lights supposed to shut off?

I never noticed that they were constantly on when the key is on and the bike is in "RUN" but they are now. The switch is placed in the "OFF" position by the way.  Additionally the bike now is having a problem holding a charge, and it has a new battery. 


I'm trying to determine if I have a bad battery, since it won't seem to hold a charge, or if there is a bigger problem (related to the lights not turning off).


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Dude I think you've got bigger problems, the headlights should be off but the tail light on when the ignition is on. My old Preddy had a problem with the switch, moisture got in and everything corroded, maybe you've got the same problem and that's what's causing a constant draw on your battery.

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Do the outlaws have a 3 position switch like the predators? If so, try unplugging that module and see if that causes them to go off. Not sure how it will react since the kill switch and start switch is also on there but give it a shot. That would test connections in the switch.
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It feels like something is broken in the switch housing, it's not making a solid noise from position to position.  I decided to just order a new one and see if that fixes it.  I hate buying parts without knowing for sure but I think the switch housing is pretty shot.
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