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I just bought my son a 2004 90cc predator this week
We went to look at it and he test rode it for 30 -40 minutes before we bought it
I brought it home and he rode it another hour or son then put it up for the night
The next day he rode it 2 hours or so and it just stopped running
I kick started it (the starter is bad) it started up first kick and idled like a champ but as soon as you give it throttle it stops running. Kick it and first kick it starts and idles but again as soon as you give it throttle it stops running. I pushed it to the garage and I checked connection looked for bad or bare wires nothing looked bad after it sat for 30 minutes or so I fired it up and it ran perfect for like 3 to 4 minutes and then started the same thing
Even after sitting all night you choke it kick 2 to 3 kicks and it will sit there and idle perfect
But as soon as you give it throttle it cuts out and shuts off
I originally though it picked up trash in the carb or had a bad connection somewhere
But once it ran for the 3 to 4 minute spell I thought the carb being plugged was out
So i started thinking a bad coil, not able to keep up with the RPMs I called a local bike shop and asked if had one so I could replace the coil and he feels its could be a cdi box issue.
Any thoughts?

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Man I had the same problem with a 525irs that I bought. No bullshit it was the spark plug, in all of my years as a mechanic and then running my own farm with a multitude of engines I have never come across a spark plug that partially fails! To me it's either working or not! But anyway after pulling the carb, stripping and cleaning, checking wiring and drinking a ton of beer thinking that I had just bought a massively expensive problem, I swapped out the spark plug with my other bike.. And bugger me it ran like a clock......always look at the simplest stuff 1st. It's often the cheapest and you may surprise yourself lol.

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Just thought of something... The starter wiring on those little bikes is crap, I've got 2 of them, upgrade the wiring and you might find that you'll fix the starter problem also.

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I had a Sportsman 50 that did the same thing.  For me it was the crappy Ethanol fuels.  If the kids didn't ride it every day, the fuel would gel inside the carb.  I even switched gas stations and started using non-ethanol fuels.  Make sure that all of the air intake system is in place and that there's no leaks as well.
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