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Hey guys,
So I have a 2004 predator.. One tooth up in the front for sprockets.

When I'm in 4th or 5th and got some speed going, and slow down I hear like what sounds like straight cut gears going really fast. Only does this in 4th and 5th.
I've drained oil a few times and comes out clean.
It looks to me like its the little idler roller on the bottom side of the chain, can I get away with removing that and taking it for a spin? KR will I run into issues?

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You shouldn't have a problem removing it and running it. I bought mine without one, and never knew I was missing it until someone here pointed it out. I have run it 100+ hours with pretty much every terrain and haven't run into an issue with it.
2005 predator 558 - falicon supercrank w/ knife rod, ss valves, 12.5:1 wiseco, hpd 558, HMF full system, uni, CFM oil tank, pro design tether, suspension work by Monster Performance, HID light kit, ODI Rouge, Kalis Racing riser, Flexx bars, razr/razr2

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Awsome thanks! I will remove it
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