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Pa Yankee

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Hello, I have two problems with my 07 Outlaw 500.
I bought the quad recently and it needed rear pads. I was able to push the caliper in by hand after I took it off. There was no pad left on the old brakes. It was metal on metal contact. I put new brakes pads on it then bled it like a car caliper with my uncle pushing down on the pedal and I turning the bleeder screw.

Well, after one 5 hour ride, the new pads are completely worn down to metal on metal again.

At the end of that 5 hour ride, I broke the front right lower ball joint. The joint actually split in half and the ball part separated out of the top.

I have changed car ball joints but never a quads. I know I need some kind of press, but can anyone link me to a tool to use?


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I used a couple of old large sockets and my press and pressed them out and in.  I'll bet if you don't have a press, any machine shop in your area will do it for a few bucks.

On your rear brake, be sure the spring is pulling the brake lever all the way back up (or as the brake heats up pressure will build up in the line and make the brakes drag) or that the pedal is not adjusted too high and your foot is resting on it.  Also, I believe there is hidden hex adjuster that has to be reset when you change pads or they may be too tight. 

2007 Outlaw IRS

"Outlaws are the Chuck Norris of the quad world."
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