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I picked up a 04 predator 500 on trade, the guy I got it from said nothing wrong with it just needs some love, chain tightened, new choke cable and some other minor stuff. I'm thinking what ever yea I'll trade my mint Honda 300ex for a bigger faster wheeler... long story short I track down the previous owner before the guy I got it from and he says that when he sold it he told the guy it needs the valves adjusted.. anyways I live in minnesota and today was finally warm enough to get this thing started but it was real boggy and it wouldn't idle at first.. so I take off and it won't let me give it more than half throttle, I shift into 2nd and same thing happend I shift into 3rd and it starts to let me give it more gas 4th gear and 5th gear are prime and then down shifted and all gears are fine no bogging and I'm full throttle but then I let it idle for 5-10 mins and it's back to bogging... plz help my mods are aftermarket intake, fmf 160 jet kit, and the pure polaris exhaust it comes with from the factory here's a link to the video after I got done riding it
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